The Ten Principles of Ecological Restoration...


Control and/or removal of non-native invasive species

Non-native plants have been removed from the biological controls of their place of origin and, as a result, tend to be more aggressive. These plants have evolved under a different set of circumstances and have often been genetically altered by the nursery trade. A functioning native habitat is much like a symphony. Each instrument supports, enhances and is in balance with the others around it. None dominate the other and thereby beautiful music is created. A non-native plant in a native habitat is like a constantly clanging cymbal; it just doesn’t belong there. Native plants have co-evolved for tens of thousands of years, at least, and support each other, fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. Some of these species are greater threats than others. Some may be quite beautiful. All are taking the space requirements for natives. The removal of these plants must go hand-in-hand with native replacements or they will simple re-occupy the space over time.

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10 Principles
Ecological Restoration

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