Genius Loci, inc. is an ecologically focused design/build firm and native plant nursery committed to the design, installation, restoration and management of landscapes, an art and science we refer to as Ecological Planning and Design.

Services include:
  • design
  • conceptual, master and grading plans
  • land use planning
  • ecological restoration
  • consultation for residential, commercial, corporate and governmental landscapes
We join elements from the fields of landscape architecture, the emerging science of ecological restoration and the landscape design/build industry, to create practical landscape solutions that reinforce what is unique about the place in which we live.

Genius Loci, pronounced Jen-e'-us Lo-see, is a Latin term meaning 'Spirit of Place'. Genius Loci maintains a Native Plant Nursery specializing in hard-to-find native woodland shrubs and perennials. Established in 1997, our office is located in Elyria, Ohio.

Towards a New Language

v: to make indigenous; the act of joining nature in the natural process of healing ecosystems.

Are you native?
A native is a man or creature or plant indigenous to a specific geographical area - a space boundaried and defined by mountains, watersheds or coastlines and climates (not by latitudes, longitudes or state, county or national lines), with its own peculiar mixture of herbs, trees, bugs, birds, flowers, streams, hills, rocks and animals (including people), its own nuances of rain, wind and seasonal changes. Native intelligence develops through an unspoken or soft spoken relationship with these interwoven elements; it evolves as the native involves himself in his bio-region. A non-native awakes in the morning in a body, in a bed, in a room, in a building on a street in a county, in a state, in a nation. A native awakes in the center of a little cosmos - or a big one if his intelligence is vast - and he wears this cosmos like a robe, senses the barely perceptible shiftings, migrations, moods and machinations of its creatures, its growing green things, its earth and sky.

10 Principles
Ecological Restoration

Principle 1
Principle 2
Principle 3
Principle 4
Principle 5
Principle 6
Principle 7
Principle 8
Principle 9
Principle 10

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